What is a managed mobility & End-point service (MMS) ?

and how can it cut corporate mobility & End-point costs and enhance employee productivity...





Companies who leverage a Managed Mobility Service on average spend up to 40 percent less per device than companies with internal management.

In Australia, MMS has emerged as a means to cut costs, improve mobile productivity, and relieve the internal IT team of non-core tasks.

This guide provides insights and learnings about MMS - Managed Mobility Service. It explores:

  • What is a Managed Mobility Service (MMS)?
  • Is your business a candidate for MMS?
  • What are the factors that are driving growth of MMS?
  • What is the current state of MMS in Australia?
  • How can MMS cut mobility costs?
  • How can MMS free up corporate IT departments?
  • How can MMS drive employee productivity?
  • How to choose a MMS Provider


Managed Mobility & Endpoint Computing